My kitchen update...

Here is the double doors leading to the sun room and the snug from the dining area in the kitchen. My table will be positioned under the fisherman light fitting. At the minute the electrician has the light up high but when work finishes it will be lowered to go over the table. Sorry for the poor quality photographs.

Here is a photograph of my new cooker and canopy. I am awaiting the hob to go in yet and then it will be tiled at the back

Here is a view further down of the kitchen. This photograph is taken from an unusual angle but you can see it anyway. Again there will be tiles under the units and there are some bits of the walls still to be touched up with paint.

Here is a photograph of my island, again the lighting needs to be fixed to the right height.

Here is my dresser on the opposite wall, it will have glass shelves in it. 
So that's a quick tour of my new kitchen. Once the hob is in and the tiling is done, there is just a bit of touching up on the paint and that's it complete.


  1. Oh my, can I live with you? Your new kitchen is absolutely beautiful!

  2. So close to being finished! I hope its all coming together!

  3. Wow! It's looking great!!! And what a gorgeously big and light room!


  4. Wow, your kitchen is stunning! Just think about all the lovely things you can cook in there, and all the yummy cakes that can be baked! Very jealous of your island, I've always wanted an island in my kitchen! :) x

  5. It looks lovely! It must be so exciting seeing it all come together : )


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