Busy, busy, busy, work, wedding & new home....

What have I been up to lately?? Well where do I start. I had to work from 9 in the morning until 10 at night three nights this week and work the 5 days. I am trying to organise the wedding, I have the hotel provisionally booked and the band booked. I am taking this week off work and have lots of things to do. I have to look at a wedding dress on Tuesday to decide if I'll buy it. The house is really coming together, the kitchen is fitted, just the counter tops and handles left to put on. The utility is ready too. So myself and my boyfriend have to buy tiles tomorrow for the bathroom walls. 

At the minute I am trying to decide on wedding invitations. In Ireland we don't use Save the Date cards just the invitations. I am in two minds as to buy them or make them myself. Below are a few invitations from Special Day Direct and Wedding Paper Divas which I like, but I have also been looking at Wedding Chicks for their free DIY Invitations. Do you know of any other free DIY wedding invitations template I could take a look at, if so please let me know. I will update my blog with some photographs of the new house this week too so you can see the progress. Hope you are all having a nice weekend!


  1. I do not know of any sites for invitations. Sounds like you have been very busy. Can't wait to see pictures of the new home.

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  3. That does sound like such a busy time... Well, good luck with that! Planning out a wedding and managing a new home are both tough tasks. But in the end, it feels great to pull it off successfully. Here's to hoping that you've enjoyed the completion of both, that the new house is up and running.


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