My Wildflower Patch....

As some of you may already know, I am new to gardening and particularly flowers, I have shrubs in my garden for two years now and I am trying to introduce lots of flowers  too. We are in our new home three and a half years and there is still lots of work to do, but the garden is one place I like to spend my time. Below are a few photos of my new wildflower area. I set some flowers and spread lots of wildflower seeds, however if I am not mistaken a lettuce popped up in the middle of them (see the tall stem with the yellow flower, is that a lettuce??). I also have this rambling rose and have another one of them along my holly hedge at the front of the garden. I have lots of Gladioli coming up this year too but they won't flower until September. I want to set lots more daffodils along the edges as some of them didn't do so well last year.... Have you any tips for me on easy to grow flowers, I'd love to hear them... Happy gardening..... until next time....


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