The Blog Awards Ireland 2015- All things nice on the Longlist

Some of you may have noticied the nice new colourful blue button on the side of my blog.
Well All things nice has made it on The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 Longlist in Best Lifestyle Blog!! I was delighted to have made the long list as there are so many great lifestyle blogs out there that I couldn't even compare mine too...Blogging has introduced me to so many amazing, creative and inspirational people. I live and work in a very rural area of Ireland so I find that blogging is a great way to keep up to date with others and also learn about new cultures, countries and the lifestyles of those around Ireland and abroad. I enjoy sharing my lifestyle with you all and I hope you enjoy it. I have been blogging since 2009 and since then I have changed jobs twice, built a new home and got married. Blogging has changed with all of the other social media out there. At the beginning I was purely a blogger and now I use twitter, pinterest and instagram but my blog is always at the heart of my online presence.

If you are a new visitor to my blog, I do hope you follow along and explore some of my posts...

You will find some more information on the the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 here

The long list will be further reducted to a short list, which will be announced on the 2nd September and the short list will then be opened up to a public vote which will begin on 7th September. Good luck with all you other bloggers on the list. 


  1. My sister has been longlisted also!

    I did not enter, maybe I will next year :-)

    Good luck!

    Amy -


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