Some Photos Out and About in Rural Ireland...

I took a few days off work and spent as much time as possible outdoors. The weather is still lovely although the temperatures have dropped to mid 20 degrees, rather than 30 degrees +. This is the first time I have ever got a tan! Before I would just burn and it would peel but not this time! I am getting lots of freckles and tanning too so it is all good. Below are a few photos of home I took when I was out and about.
1. Foxgloves in bloom in the local woods, 2. A view from my back door of the field that our house is built in, 3. The cows out after getting milked- all very content!
Some evening photographs
1. A view up one of the lanes on the farm, can you spot Wally in the photo? It is actually my husband :-) , 2. An old trailer on the farm, 3. The new stone walls at the entrance to our house which are still under construction.
1. A meal silo on the farm, 2. Another of the farm cats playing in the field, 3. A view along the laneway


  1. Lovely photos! Isn't the weather just wonderful! It's certainly going to be a memorable summer :-)

  2. Beautiful! Everywhere looks so green. It's all looking a bit scorched here now Julie x

  3. breathtaking, beautiful Ireland...thank you for sharing, it is a special place indeed.:)

  4. Lovely photos! The land looks beautiful. I wish I could go to Ireland.



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