Sunshine in Ireland

Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine here in Ireland. We are currently having a heat wave, we deserve one as we haven't had one in years. I am working this week but contemplating taking Thursday and Friday off as annual leave to soak up more sun. I was in my car today and it was 40 degrees, never saw that before in my lifetime!!! :) P.S. Sorry about the rubbish image of my car, the clock is also wrong should read 16:03 as I am an hour behind.


  1. It's hot here too. I'm finding it more comfortable getting things done first thing in the morning then I get another burst of energy in the evening! Enjoy your days off. Julie x

  2. Shut the front door! 40 degrees ... that's insane.

  3. new of anything Ireland is always welcome at my place. Glad you are getting some sunshine.. Here in US ( Ohio ) we've had rain for 14 straight days, and heat galore...87 yesterday and humid like the tropics....


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