A Day out at Powerscourt House & Gardens...

Last weekend we visited Powerscourt House & Gardens. I had visited before with friends and love the place. The gardens are amazing and you could spend hours going around them. They are well worth a visit and I highly recommend them to anyone visiting Ireland or for those of you who have visited yet!  


  1. one of my favourite touristy sites here! It looks really pretty with all the summer flowers, wow! I need to go back and have a wander in the gardens; and i really want to check Tara's palace too. Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures x

  2. Beautiful photos! I have never been to Powerscourt but we are planning to go as soon as Husband is fully recovered :-)

  3. These photos are beautiful! I must visit Ireland soon, it looks gorgeous. - Tasha xxx

  4. Wow, they look lovely. Ashamed to say that I have never been there but must make a point of visiting now :). Once summer comes back that is ! :)


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