Kitchen lighting....

Yes I will soon be at the stage that I will need to pick light fittings. There is such a large choice and I really get confused but I was thinking of some of the above lights for over the island in the kitchen. As our ceiling is 16 foot in the hallway I need a large light and here is the one I am thinking of.


  1. I love the light for the hallway! It wouldn't work in my single storey house!!!!!
    Sue Xx

  2. the 4th one down look like the jim lawrence one's. I wanted these for the kitchen and was on the verge of ordering them until I realised i would have to walk round them! our kitchen ceiling is very low. lol.

  3. I really like the multiple pendulum options in the first kitchen pic. It must be so exciting and nerve racking!

  4. i do have the first light in my living room, very good quality/price.


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