Today I love Border Oak

From Country Cottages, Barns and Farmhouses to Manor Houses, Border Oaks have the most amazing homes. Pity I haven't more money and didn't know about them sooner. We are building our house as we go along and my dad is helping out alot but if I had more money I would most certainly be getting a Border Oak Home. Take a look at the beautiful homes on their website, every single one is designed, planned and fitted out just the way I would want a home. The character is so charming and the overall finish looks amazing. As a former planner and a heritage officer these home are just perfect for me :)
All images above are from Border Oak and you must visit their website.


  1. there's a few border oak houses in my village & they are gorgeous! often drive past border oak trying not to dribble lol!

  2. Oh wow, these are beautiful. My Mum would loves these too, the detail is lovely. I love this kind of design on houses. xxx

  3. I'd only love a house like this! :)

  4. Gorgeous pics. Being a heritage officer must have been really interesting x


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