Former Glory...

I came across this amazing website today while searching for some old cottages, I love it, how did I not come across it before or hear of it. It is called Former Glory and it depicts the wonderful architecture of historic properties in Ireland. As you already know I love photographing ruins and old historical buildings, here are a few of my images below.
{All images my own}


  1. Beautiful images, coming soon I will go to Scotland, so I hope to photograph all!!!!


  2. You are so right... I do like this post.
    It contains all the things that I love! Such beautiful images you have taken. :)
    Must have been a beautiful day out too. I miss Ireland when I am not there.


  3. These are beautiful photos... I love the steep steps leading to the old wooden door... Sarah x

  4. lovely, I love going to the Scottish island's and photographing the abandoned houses. I love the picture of the Tower, makes me think of Rapunzel!

  5. Old houses are incredibly beautiful .. in them so strongly felt the old life ..


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