Finally complete- I think it turned out very pretty!

Well it took a long time and alot of patience but I have finally finished my cross stitch pattern. Sorry the phot has a bit of a shadow in the top corner. This is my second ever pattern stitich pattern to do, you will see my first one on the side bar, it was tiny of a wee hedgehog. This was a much bigger pattern with alot more detail. I like the Autumn leaves on the ground, don't you? I really enjoyed seeing the picture come together and progress. I think I'll frame it. Next project is my rug kit. I'll keep you updated on that as I progress with it. Here is the packaging, my boyfriend bought it for me at a charity auction :)


  1. Great stitch work! Such cute doggies! xx
    I haven't done a rug hook kit in years...can't wait to see it finished :)

  2. Wow you have patience and talent! It's

  3. Thanks girls,
    I'm really happy with it, but the back is a total mess. I think I'll frame it. I've started a tiny bit of the rug, I'll keep you updated on it. Hope your having a nice weekend, weather is lovely in Ireland today :)

    All things nice...

  4. It is adorable. I love to cross stitch too and have been pondering about a new project. Love your blog.

  5. Thanks so much Iola for stopping by, this was my first proper cross stitch, the only other one I completed was the small hedgehog in my side bar. Oh you should start a new cross stitch, a christmas one would be nice.

    All things nice..


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