Greeting cards- bringing back many memories..

This evening I went through my bag of old greeting cards, mostly birthday cards which I have received over the years, I kept all the older ones and special ones, but cut up all the others. I am going to start making my own greeting cards from these cutouts. Here are some of the cutouts below

I also came across some birthday cards my mother sent to my dad before they were married, here is one of the prettier ones which I like, they are married almost 40 years now.

I also discovered this really old card which my great grandmother gave to my grandmother for her birthday. After a chat with my dad, he informed me that my great grandmother passed away in 1969 which means that this card has to be over 40 years old, it is so pretty with the blue ribbon on the side.

I'm really glad I rooted through all my old cards this evening, I came across alot of them which brought back many happy memories. I love receiving greeting cards :)


  1. That is going to keep you busy for a long time you have some lovely cards there to use,
    I am another one who keeps all the cards I get
    maybe I should copy your example but hard to part with any as there all special.
    look forward to seeing the photos of your finished cards

  2. What a good use of lovely memories. look forward to seeing what you have done with them.


  3. What lovely memories for you. I love the 'Why do I love you?' card. That would look lovely in a frame....
    Happy cardmaking thro' the winter evenings
    Karen x

  4. Beautiful old cards, I used to keep everyone of mine, but at my age you tend to run out of storage! xxx

  5. such a wonderful collection! wow! and that sweet card with blue ribbon such a treasure to keep always! ;0) thank u for your sweet comments on my blog xx

  6. Lovely! what a nice thing to do with treasured memories, I am really into reinventing treaures at the moment too.
    Have fun, show us some of the finnished articles wont you?

    Sarah x

  7. Now for the difficult part, I gotta try and make some cards, I've tried a few ideas but I need to buy some stronger card first. I gotta admit I aint the most crafty person but I'll try my best, I'll have to wait and see if they are good enough to send to anyone. As for the older cards, they are lovely especially as many of them are from close relatives who have passed away. Thank you all so much for taking the time to look and comment on my blog.

    All things nice...


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