Some Interior Design & Farming- Life in Rural Ireland

Hello everyone... It's midweek already which is great. I have holidays to take from work so I have decided to make a long weekend of it. Can't believe it's Easter- the year seems to be flying by. I had an extremely busy weekend, gardening, working on the farm, painting and put together some new furniture I purchased in IKEA.
Above are some photographs of my sunroom. I'm trying to create an eclectic look for it.. Doing some painting of furniture so I will post some photographs when it all comes together.

On Sunday I explored along the lake shore and helped out on the farm.

And just a few more photos from home...


  1. awwe I love the things in your room. They're very cute! I like your photos :)

    Let's be friends!

    1. Fiona,

      Thank you very much for your sweet comments

      All things nice...


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