Spring is on its way in Ireland

Last weekend we had dry crisp weather which made such a change. I done lots of Spring cleaning on Saturday and went to a birthday party Saturday night. Sunday I spent time with family and went off for a lovely long walk around the farm in the evening. It was really cold but I wrapped up warm and off I went. Below are some of my photos, you can see how the light was changing and the sun began to set over the lake. I love getting out and about with lots of fresh air...


  1. oooh I like spring and your pictures are nice!


  2. Beautiful photos - those last four featuring the setting sun are just gorgeous. I love getting out for walks in the countryside, even when it's chilly. - Tasha

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the changing of seasons and these pictures showing the first glimpses of Spring are just gorgeous!

    Carly xx


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