Life in Rural Ireland....

Any of you that know me, will know that I am a home bird. I love nothing more than spending time at home in the peace and quiet of rural Ireland. There are lakes all around us with drumlin hills dotted on the landscape. In the good weather I like getting out of a walk along the lake shores which the farm runs along. Below are just some of my images from my local area from 2015. We live approximately 130km from the nearest city and about 25km to the nearest large town (there are smaller towns in closer proximity but they have no cinema, clothes shops, swimming pool, etc.) Our local village about 1km away has two shops, a post office, three pubs and a petrol station so it useful to have these nearby.


  1. Oh it just sounds wonderful to me :-) I dream of moving out to the REAL countryside in a few years... To a larger house with plenty of space for kiddos and cats and dogs! I do so enjoy reading all about your neck of the woods :-) Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.

  2. How green everything is! Your little part of rural Ireland looks stunning. We too live in a very rural location with our closest shops, petrol station etc. being 10 miles away and nearest town 1/2 hour drive away. Just love it! Elaine


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