What a Lovely Long Weekend

Hello everyone. The weather has just been wonderful this weekend and to top it all off, we got an extra long weekend with the bank holiday and I am taking tomorrow off too. At last sunshine has arrived, the countryside is turning a lovely colour of green, the grass is growing and the flowers are beginning to blossom. I love this time of year and try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Here are a few photographs of my walk around the farm this morning. These photographs were taken from one of my favourite places on the farm where there is no one in sight and only the sound of the bird song.


  1. It looks really lovely and peaceful there, I love this time of year

  2. I love Easter, it's like Christmas but without the pressure! The greens in your pictures look so lush! Stunning scenery and it looks like you live in a really remote place. Beautiful x

  3. What beautiful views! I love Ireland in the sunshine... Let's hope there's lots more on the way for the next few months!

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