Autumn at Home

If you have read my previous post A Visit to Venice you will know that I was on my holidays last week which was amazing- so relaxing and great to get away for a change. We didn't go anywhere at all last year so we needed a break. My husband works 365 days of the year so he deserved the break too. I had to buy a new camera in a rush before we headed off on our holidays. It is a small canon camera which is much better than my previous one. I am no photographer but yesterday evening I decided to venue out for a walk around the lanes on the farm. Here are a few images I took of my walk. The image with the tree below was taken using the zoom and it was probably about a mile away from me across the lake. You can see that the colours of the trees are changing slowly but the weather is still lovely and mild for this time of year.


  1. Lovely snaps! Hasn't summer lasted a long time this year?!? The leaves are barely starting to turn, and it's October now!!! :-)


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