Are you a Fan of White Bedrooms?

Do you like White Bedrooms? I am always drawn to white interiors- the fresh, clean and crisp look of them. They look pretty too and very feminine. I tried to achieve a white guest bedroom in my home, but it was just too cold for me when I saw it in reality. It was lovely when the sun was shining but then when it was dull it felt cold and uninviting. For that reason I decided to add some pops of colour to liven it up and add some warmth. I know if you put different patterns, textiles and shades of white it works best but I just couldn't get it right. Then I thought it was because I have wooden doors, window boards and skirting boards so it wasn't fully the all white look. Even though I didn't go with the all white guest bedroom, it doesn't spot me from still loving white interiors and here are a few images of white bedrooms from the internet which I really like. I think they all are from Ideal Home. Do you like them? Have you a white room in your home?


  1. Very pretty! I do like white - in all rooms (all our rooms are painted white). I think I like it because it makes the other colours stand out.


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