Eclectic Interior Ideas from Ireland....

Have you checked out Dunnes Stores online yet? Those of you from Ireland and the UK will be well aware of it, but for those of you further afield, it is an Irish retail chain based in Dublin Ireland. It also has stores in England, Scotland and Spain and you can now visit there online store. I love the new Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Range from Dunnes, it is so in and so me too! Here are a few items in the range, from top left, set of four dinner forks €12.00, roman wall clock €65.00, lantern €12.00 and finally giant desk lamp €160.00.
 Here are a few extra inspiration images from Carolyn Donnelly's Eclectic Range. If you would like to see more visit Dunnes Stores online.


  1. Some gorgeous stuff there, love the colour of the lantern and lamp. Julie x


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