Add some interest to your walls...

We bought this image for our living room wall in Argos at the weekend. It suits the colours in our room. It is an image of Brixham Harbour.

We put this home sweet home canvas in our kitchen. This was a total bargain at €3.00 from Pennys. All of these add a nice homely feel to our home. I have lots of photo frames but no photographs to put in them yet. Do you put many photographs of your family and friends around your home? I have only one of my parents wedding. I have none of my own wedding yet but I intend to get one or two developed.


  1. Oh, I have too many photos - I create a huge collage from photos about every 2 years and now have 4 of them - have 2 in the kitchen and haven't reinstated the other 2 yet since we've been decorating. Not at all sure where to put them. Love them as see a different photo each time I look at them, lots of memories
    They are both v pretty prints.

  2. Looks like you're making your house a home!

  3. Love your weekend purchases, especially the canvas for €3, that was a steal! Yes I'm big into photos! I have an entire wall in our front hall covered in family photos all framed in various sizes of the same frame from Ikea! All the important people and times are there!

  4. What great finds! I have quite a few family and friends pics that I had arranged in a gallery wall in our hallway in Muskoka. They're all in storage right now and I do miss them.

  5. That's a lovely canvas from Penneys - and a bargain price!


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