Christmas at All things nice...

Today I am putting the finishing touches to my decorations. It is a beautiful day here in Ireland so I will out picking some holly, ivy and pine cones. Below are just a few images from around my house this evening. I have keep my Christmas decorations traditional in my everyday living room with reds.
In my good living room, I am keeping it very white and calming with only silver and white on the Christmas tree and a few decorations placed around the room. 
I needed a new ceiling light shade and couldn't make up my mind what style I wanted. For the moment I settled on buying this cheap one, The photo isn't very clear but it is grey and casts lovely shadows on the ceiling which you can just about see in this photo. 
And finally in my entrance hallway I always create a Christmas vignette so when you enter the door your eye is drawn to it. I light the candles and have some fairy lights too. Once I add some holly and ivy it should look more natural looking. 
I'll post some photographs when I am finished, Hope you have a lovely weekend. 


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