2016: Part Two including my Travels

July: Some good weather came our way so I made the most of it...
August: Holiday time... had an amazing holiday visiting Venice and Greece again and also Croatia and Turkey. I experienced some of the most beautiful sunsets ever...

September: Keeping it country at the National Ploughing Championships- what a great day out and no rain either

October: Another holiday, this time to France, I never took two holidays abroad in the one year but this year I really enjoyed my mini break for 5 days to the beautiful island of Ile de Re in France. I have visited France four times before but I had never heard of Ile de Re and once I saw it, I had to go. It is up there with my favourite places of Mykonos and Santorini... I will post a separate post on Ile de Re with more photographs soon...

November: Towards the end of October we found a little kitten abandoned at the entrance piers to the farm. The poor thing was very distressed and weak. How cruel some people can be just to abandon an innocent little animal. So we took her in, throughout November she was settling in with the other farm cats. Meet Millie if you haven't already seen my previous post.
December: It's Christmas time and time to reflect on a lovely year. Thankfully 2016 was good to us- good health and good times. The first six months were very quiet with most of my weekends spent at home. Life was busy on the farm... then once August came it was time to get out and about and make the most of the year. I visited five countries on holidays this year and had the most amazing time with those that mean the most to me (My husband and my parents). Many memories were made both on holidays and in the simple every day things which I will never forget. 2016 you have been good, so here's to 2017 and remember in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years~Abraham Lincoln 


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