The Wonderful Island of Ile de Re, France

Bonjour a tous. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I spent the week on the beautiful French island of Ile de Re. I had spotted at least four different bloggers who visited and posted beautiful photographs of the island. It was on my "To visit" list which is getting longer and longer so both myself and my mother decided to go. The flights were only €34 return and the accommodation was cheap too. It felt like we had the island all to ourselves for the week. There is a bridge between the island and the mainland which is really handy. Once we got to the island though we didn't venture back to the mainland until we had to come home. We stayed in the village of Saint Martin de Re which is one of the main villages on the island. Saint Martin de Re is also a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO due to its star shaped fort which adds to its charm. The photos below were taken on the evening we arrived. The sun was setting over the port in the village.


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