Mixed Weather in Rural Ireland...

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I'm having a quiet one as I have the cold... The weather has been awful the past few days. Thursday it snowed heavy and Friday it was freezing. I didn't go to work Friday as I have the cold and the roads were slippy. I have over 40 minutes drive to work each way on narrow back roads. I'm snuggled up now on the couch with a blanket and a big mug of tea. I felt really housebound so went out for a stroll about. Here are some images from my walks over the past week...

This was my local road on Saturday.... nice winter sunshine but very cold...
This was a view out the window today just after dinner, it was beginning to get foggy and very cold. A lot of the snow has melted however there are still patches in the area. 

 More of the snow and ice...
 The flooded lake which was taken earlier in the week..
And a view back towards the village, spot my shadow.... Enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep warm and cosy wherever you are...


  1. So beautiful...

  2. Here in my place, the weather is so opposite. It's very hot here especially at noon.The sunlight penetrates through my room making the room hot as if I'm inside an oven.
    I hope you'll get better soon. :)


  3. I love the countyside on real wintry days! Hope you are feeling better this week:)
    ~Anne xx


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