Casual Day out in Corfu

More holiday snaps to show you, as you will know from my previous blog posts I went on a cruise recently, we spent some time in Venice and then it was on to Kotor, Montenegro for our first stop off. Our next stop was Corfu. Corfu is one of the Greek Islands. While in Corfu we visited the town, the Palace grounds and also the old fortress which dominates the east side of the city of Corfu. There was fabulous views from here and we enjoyed just strolling around and taking everything in. It was a glorious day and I even did a bit of shopping. I won't bore you with all the details as I have a lot of blog posts about my travels. The pictures say it all, enjoy.


  1. I'm So enjoying the cruise photos! Whetting my appetite for next summer's holiday..... ;-)

  2. Beautiful photos and what a lovely trip. :)

    Take care!



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