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Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of blogging lately. The weather has been really hit and miss this week, today started off lovely and then a massive down pour of rain came. You never know what to wear, do you? I always have an umbrella, hat or rain jacket nearby. I noticed this week in the Country Living Magazine that comes with the Farmers Journal they focused on Country Chic Style Clothing. As you may have realized I love all things country and country chic style clothing. I even have a Pinterest board Country Chic for all the country style clothing I love. One Irish clothing range I love is Jack Murphy, take a look at their website here. As they say themselves, "we live and love the countryside and want everyone to be able to enjoy every aspect of country living to the fullest…without compromising their sense of style. So whether you are actually living the country life, simply escaping to the country at weekends or even if you just like the country look, we have the perfect collection for you".

{All images from Jack Murphy}


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