Blogging from my kitchen table...

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I have been busy with work and also my evening jobs on the farm, feeding the calves. I can't believe it's March already, the weeks are flying by... must be a sign I'm getting old. We are now married over a year and have been in our new home a year and 3 months! Only this week we got broadband so I can now go on the internet anywhere in the house which is great. Before this week we were getting a signal from my father in laws house which was good but we had to sit in the chair at the window to get the reception. I am here blogging from my kitchen table this evening with all of my favourite things- freshly picked flowers, a nice yankee candle and a big mug of tea. Hope you are enjoying your weekend....


  1. Sounds lovely, a lovely smelling candle, fresh flowers and a cuppa! Julie x


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