All I need now is lots of sunshine....

This weekend I have been organising my sun room. Since we moved into the house, I had no furniture only our wicker chairs so I bought a few bits and bobs this weekend. I bought this new unit for the corner and the pink mat. I am waiting to get the light fitting fitted and I will show you photographs of it when it is in place. Hope you like it? The ceiling is high and is finished in pine. I am unsure what way to dress the windows. In total there are three windows and the double doors to outside already have blinds on them. Curtains may block too much light and blinds may look a little plain, what do you think??


  1. hello I am new to your blog.Personally I am a huge fan of blinds.Your Sun Room is beautiful.x

  2. What a lovely room, your right not to much needed around the windows, a scandi pelmet or a row of linen bunting across the top might look nice, I am sure you will think of something to suit your style
    Thea x

  3. so dainty.
    I like it! not too much accessories...
    Simple is the best.

  4. It looks great to me. I love the pink mat - where did you get it? If you decide to go for curtains, maybe something really light and airy like voile would be nice?

  5. Thanks everyone, still haven't decided on the window dressing yet. I put some over the patio doors at the end of the room. Holly, the pink mat was bought in Argos- they come in lots of nice colours...

    All things nice...


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