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At the weekend my husband organised a birthday party for me as I was 30 last week. I had a great time with close family and friends. One of the gifts I received was Homespun Style by the very talented and creative Selina Lake- my friend must be able to read my mind as I really wanted this book but had never got around to buying it myself. I have just started reading it today and for those of you that do not have it yet, my advise is go buy it!!! I love it, it is filled with such lovely images and creative ideas.
For more information and for lots of inspiration visit Selina's Blog


  1. Belated happy birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day.
    I have been seeing that book on so many blogs.
    I'm going to put it on my Christmas list...if I can wait that long for it! :0)

  2. The book looks wonderful, Happy Birthday! glad you had a special day
    Thea x

  3. I LOVE this book! There's always something to dip into ... enjoy!


  4. It is a great book. I love picking it up and flicking through it (when Im not on Pinterest these days!!!) Going to make you jealous so look away now if you cant handle it..I won a signed copy of Homespun style from Selina's blog a while back! What a treat that was. Nice Summer flowers on your previous post and Happy Birthday!! Sinead x


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