New neighbours have moved in...

Hello everyone. Hope you are enjoying the first few days of May. The weather has been nice and mild. We have some new neighbours just up the lane and over the field. Come along with me and you will meet them.....

 Almost there now... just over by the hedge and down to the lake shore....
Have you spotted them??

 They have settled in really well to their new home... they spent the last few days organising and building their nest together...

It's really big and very impressive
What a lovely couple...

I will stop by and check in with them again to see how they are progressing over the next week or two and I will let you know when the rest of the family arrives...


  1. We have some new arrivals in our country park! We were taking Bella for a walk today and had a lovely surprise.There was Mum and Dad proudly showing of their four baby cygnets! I wonder how many your pair will produce? :0)

  2. Just saw your beautiful wedding photos, your dress is gorgeous !
    Congratulations on your wedding !
    Nice Sunday,

  3. Love your new neighbours. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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