Midweek already!!

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I can't believe how quick the days are going by. All is quiet here in rural Ireland. I was busy over the weekend trying to sort out my wee study, I'm still moving books from my parents house. I want to get a large mat for the room too. I think we have choosen Madeira as our honeymoon destination now. I have been busy and purchased new furniture for our spare bedroom and can't wait for it to be delivered. I will post some photographs of it when it arrives- it's a cross between shabby chic and french boudoir! Off  to feed the calves now :)


  1. Happy mid-week to you!!! I guess we can start saying 'it's almost the weekend'?!?

  2. So exciting to find another Irish blogger with a liking for CK and Shabby chic! I came across your blog on Apple Blossom Barn and have enjoyed going back through your posts! *waves hello* from your newest follower! Hazel x

    P.S I love your tins! Nosey me- what do you keep in them? :)


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