Holidays and keeping your home...

Hope you are all set for Easter! I have 3 days off work which is great- today, Easter Monday and Tuesday :) I did the shopping this morning along with cleaning and washing,and then went for a walk. I like to keep on top of my chores and keep the house as organised as possible. I bought this cheap notice board to pin some cards and info on. How do you keep organised in your home?


  1. The notice board looks great! Our house is completely disorganised at the moment, though I have made a to do list covered with sticky back plastic so I can remember what needs done each week! Have a lovely Easter! :)

  2. We've got a blackboard on our kitchen wall to note up the supplies we need for our next shop and a calendar for upcoming events. I got a lovely free housey one this year (well, I may have bought the magazine for the calendar so maybe the magazine was free!)

  3. I'm not very organised where the cleaning is concerned.We've got family coming for lunch on Sunday,so it will be a last minute whiz round with the hoover/duster!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. I LOVE organising things! In fact, can you count 'organising' and 'sorting' as hobbies? If so, they are hobbies of mine! ;-)
    Right now, I have pneumonia & have been ordered to rest. But, my in-laws are visiting for 5 days, with their son, his girlfriend, and their 5-year old boy. Not being able to tidy up after them (they're not getting the hint that I like to keep a tidy, clean home), I am going quietly insane!!! The Mister's doing an admirable job right now - he's taken them all out for the day. Bliss!!!
    Happy Easter to you! Enjoy your days off!


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