A Country Magazine Irish Style

The first edition of Irish Country Magazine was in the shops this week and I was delighted to get my copy on Friday. As a lover of the Irish countryside, working in rural development and having married a full time farmer a month ago I am truly a rural girl. We also moved to our new home in the countryside. I love nothing more than going for walks down the back country lanes, listening to the birds singing and emerging myself in the beauty of nature. My blog all things nice brings you a slice of life from the Irish Countryside with a bit of everything else thrown in. What do you like most about country life?


  1. Well I will have to buy that too I am a magazine addict anyway one more to add to my list!
    I love the starry nights and open spaces in the countryside,

    take care


  2. I love countryside walks, too - especially if there happens to be a nice little teashop or pub on the route! :-)

  3. The sounds and the clean open smells (barring the normal 'country smells' when there's working farms!)

  4. Do you think I could get this in Donegal? It looks fab!
    My favourite thing about the countryside is the wildlife & the photo opportunities! ....& watching the difference that each season brings!


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