An Irish Sunday in February...

Last Sunday we went exploring as the weather was nice, below are a few images of took of one of the local lakes with the sky reflecting in the water. I love the blue tones :)
{Own Photographs}


  1. What beautiful shots. It looks like an amazing place. It is good for the soul to explore places like this. Have a fab weekend.

  2. Hello,

    Those are beautiful! What part of Ireland? I've gone three times and loved it every time.
    Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to take my kids some day.

  3. unbelievably beautiful pics!


  4. I was born in Northern Ireland and have been back home twice..The pictures are lovely..xx

  5. Beautiful shots, Ireland is in my list of places to visit.
    A friend of mine went to Ireland last year and he said the people is fantastic and the country is wonderful.
    Hugs from Brasil

  6. We have purchased our flights!!!! Yippee!! I also need must see cute store info!! What area do you live? We might venture to the area! Do you know what car rental places in Ireland are the best? We r leaving Los Angeles on May 8th and have 10 days in Ireland!!!

  7. Wonderful reflections - I agree with you what beautiful blues.
    Jo x

  8. Gorgeous pics, I love the blues! :) x

  9. Hi,
    Never know whéther to comment back on mine or yours. They are Pip Studio. Ilove Pipmuch more than Cath Kidston,although she is great too. I wish I could afford more. They are so cute.
    I was wondering which tea you had. They serve fruit tea a lot with lemon and a lot of herbal teas. I love Prague. If you get a chance tovisit again,try to visit Cesky Krumlov. It is pure magic. It is a lot like Prague Old Town.
    I have Irish roots and have never visited, shame on me. I hope to one day. I hope to one day,it looks so beautiful.

  10. Thanks for popping over to my blog.I was in Belfast and came to Australia when I was three and I still have relatives living in the North..xx

  11. Gorgeous photos. My husband and I were just saying this morning that Ireland is on our short-list.

  12. So loving your photographs, really beautiful,


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