Meet the Animals at Dublin Zoo

I visited Dublin Zoo this week and posted some photographs already, but here are the remainder of my favourite photographs. I loved this one of the hippo with the wee bird pecking his back. He was really enjoying the sunshine..
Flamingos always look so delicate to me, I imagine that their thin legs would break easily. I liked the reflection in the water though...

I am somewhat afraid of Ostriches but this guy was very well groomed compared to the others.. 
This appears to be a Rhino mum and baby... they are huge and have really thick rough looking skin..
This chimpanzee was pottering around with something in his hand which he was examining. Once I zoomed in, it appears to be a dead baby chick :( He didn't eat it when we were there though, perhaps he was just investigating...
King of the Jungle, he looked like the Patriarch 
And finally my favourite-the Elephant. In Dublin Zoo, they seem to have lots of space to roam around in so I didn't get to see much of them
So there you have it, just a few of the wonderful animals from Dublin Zoo.. If you haven't been it is really worth a day out... 


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