Women's Little Christmas

Happy New Year everyone.... I am trying to get back into a routine after a nice long Christmas break. I had a wonderful Christmas with so many friends and family visiting. I received lots of thoughtful gifts.  I haven't really made an New Years resolutions, I'm just trying to eat healthy and become more organised-the same as most people. I also want toy try and exercise some more. I haven't got out much over the Christmas for my walks so hopefully now that the weekend is almost here I will get out and about. Tomorrow I will take the Christmas decorations down as it is Little Christmas or Women's Christmas (Nollaig na mBan). Apparently the idea is that on this day the tradition was for the women to get together and enjoy their Christmas while the men folk stay at home and handle all the housework. However I  don't think this really happens! If you have a man in your life, see if it works for you and do let me know how you get on. I have some family visiting tomorrow night and then I plan to do lots of house work over the weekend. I have no major plans for 2017, we are very busy at work and I have to work three late nights next week. 


  1. I love the idea of "Little Christmas" - what fun! I wonder if my hubs would take part in this ;-)


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