Ramblings for the Weekend....

Sorry it's been awhile since I last blogged. Time seems to be flying away on me. I have been busy around the house and with work. Lots of gardening and decorating. With Summer here the days are much longer and plenty of time is being spent outside to make the most of the long bright evenings. Above are some images from around my home today. I picked the foxglove up the lane last night and I also have a posy of flowers on my dresser in the living room. I have my new couch bought for my sitting room and the final photo is of my sitting room. I have it fully painted and waiting on the fireplace to be installed on Tuesday. Here are a few more photos of my travel over the past week with work and leisure. Hope you are having a nice weekend....


  1. Love the grey paint!

  2. Oh those Foxgloves are gorgeous! I bet you're excited to get your fireplace installed too - the paint looks great as well and those countryside views are lovely! - Tasha


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