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I hope everyone is settled into the new year by now. Throughout December I spend a lot of my free time reading. I read The Wind in the Willows, The Book Thief and The Glass Painter's Daughter. All very good books, The Wind in the Willows is a classic from my childhood and a lovely read for all ages, The Book Thief was my favourite, it was difficult to put it down at times, it is set in Nazi Germany and narrated by death which is very unique. If you haven't read it, you will have to! The Glass Painter's Daughter is somewhat of a romance novel and was a lovely read too.


  1. We saw The Book Thief at the movies. The whole time I was mesmerized but also kept thinking that the book was probably even better.

  2. I loved the Book Thief and my 18 year old son is now reading it and thoroughly enjoying it Julie x

  3. Hey,
    Cool blog. I really want/ need to read the Book Thief, sounds right up my street!
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