To wallpaper or not to wallpaper...

Do you like wallpaper? I have none in my new home yet! Above are some of my favourite patterns from Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley mainly. What type of wallpaper do you like? Do you have wallpaper at home? I would love to see some images of it. I think it is nice for a feature wall rather than a whole room. I'm thinking of putting some in my guest bedroom (mentioned with images in my previous post)


  1. I am loving wallpaper at the particular in bedrooms!

  2. I love wallpaper but I have none in my home because I have 2 cats!


  3. I wouldn't put wallpaper Ina room that gets a lot of sun as I wouldn't want your paper to fade! Something to think about! What about border above a chair rail or nearer the ceiling? Just talking from experience!

  4. I do like wallpaper although I haven't had any in my homes for years - I had a hard time removing some and have been scared off! I do like subtle geometric patterns mostly, although that polka dot one is so cute!
    ps: as for me moving, we'll still be in Dubai but have been told we need to vacate our apartment so the hunt is on for a new place - too bad the rents have skyrocketed since we moved into this one 2 years ago - it will make it tricky to find a decent place for a reasonable price
    I hope you're enjoying your lovely home xo


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