Nature Reserve on Ile de Re

If you read my blog and follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I love nothing more than escaping the hustle and bustle and spending time exploring the countryside. On my last visit to France in the Autumn time, I visited this Nature Reserve with lots of salt marshes abundant with wildlife. There are walking/cycling paths winding their way through the marshes and the air feels so fresh. I would love to visit in the Summer time when the skies are blue but they may be more visitors around them...


  1. It looks like such an interesting little area! Was most of it outdoor activities? How did you hear about it?

    1. Thanks Karlie,
      Yes almost all outdoors, I had seem several bloggers blog about it and it is def. worth visiting. Lots of cycle tracks and quaint villages with the prettiest of houses. You will have to go sometime.

      All things nice...


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