Glaslough Village, Monaghan, Ireland... Pretty as a Picture

Last Sunday we went for a drive as the weather was nice (i.e. It wasn't raining, but no proper sunshine though). We went to Glaslough Village in County Monaghan. It is a very picturesque village on the edge of the Castle Leslie Estate. We intended on having afternoon tea in the Castle however it was booked out so instead we explored the wee village and I took lots of photographs. The ones below are just a few of the pretty stone buildings in and around the centre. I also posted one of the antique shops on my previous post here. Next time I visit I will have some photographs of the Castle itself.


  1. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog!


  2. I love stone houses, it all looks very pretty. Hope you still got a cup of tea somewhere! Julie x

  3. Very pretty houses. That's a pity you weren't able to eat in the castle.

  4. Your photos are lovely :-) And they really say 'Ireland'!


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