Things not going to plan...

At the weekend we went looking for bathroom suites and we picked one out that we liked. I  then looked at furniture and came across this IKEA range. I wanted the taller unit as shown in the image above but not sure if it will fit now :( I will have to get the space measured as it is near where the door opens. Things are never simple are they??


  1. aww...i am sure it will all come together well in the end.


  2. No they are not.
    Ever. Ever. Ever. It is the story of my life!

  3. It sounds very familiar;DDD but hey You will get there:) I love the IKEA units in the bathroom, we have other ones , very functional.
    I have to say, I don't like so much the tall one but this one the right is lovely.

  4. Sorry to hear that - and no, they're not. Hope its not taking all the fun out of having your new home nearly completed

  5. I absolutely love that bathroom! We moved into a house with a brand new en suite so there is absolutely no justification for changing it, but if I did I'd have something like that. As it is I'm stuck with modern square lines and ginormous pretend marble brown tiles. Can I live vicariously through your bathroom please?

  6. i totally agree - how annoying! I decided last night that i hated the black blinds in our guest room!! Would rather have curtains even though i said i would rather have blinds!
    Rachie xo

  7. They do look nice - hope it will fit where you want to put it!

  8. It looks lovely, hope it fits ok! :) x


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