My New Home...

Here is the progress on my new home so far, the main part of the roof is now tiled and there is a velux window in the middle over the porch. We had the electrican around early in the week so at least things are beginning to happen again. The weather held us up a lot. The windows arrived yesterday. I won't get to see them until the weekend as it is dark by the time I come home from work. I will just have to wait!


  1. Wow!! Looks like it is certainly coming along. You must be really excited. Pam x

  2. your new home looks beautiful. it's certainly coming along nicely.

    hope your new year is off to a rocking start.

  3. Your house is not only beautiful but the surroundings are equally perfect!!!
    Can't you just pinch yourself!

  4. That is some friggin big nice house!

  5. I bet you can't wait to move in.It's going to be an exciting year for you! :0)

  6. Your new place looks great. My first visit to your blo, via Heidi. We built a place from scratch years ago - good fun. The house we're in now, we've just had an extension added at the back - v pleased with it - lovely and light. Good luck! Abby

  7. Wow what a project, bet you are looking forward to moving in:) Hopefully now the snow has gone (for now at least) things will move quickly for you! xxx

  8. It looks great! You'll be pleased that it's going so well and you've got the windows and electrics going in! :) x

  9. hello my lovely all things nice friend xxx

    i am not sure you will recognise me as millie meadowsweet, but you may just possibly remember me from my previous incarnation as skipping in the meadow. yes, i'm back! this time for for keeps (i hope) and its so lovely to see you this new year.

    wishing you a very happy, sparkly, healthy 2011
    lots of love and hugs xxx

  10. That's an exciting time, when the trades start showing up (like electrics). I really do love the style of your home. Rachaelxx


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