Sweet dreams with IKEA....

This year I will visit IKEA at some stage, it about 2 hours from my house by car but I always love to see all their showrooms and all the household accessories. Most of the furniture won't suit my new home as most of it is designed for smaller spaces but I will get lots of ideas and inspiration. These duvet sets look lovely and bright, just how I like them. I also like the Billy Bookcases. Have you any IKEA items in your home?


  1. love the children's things at ikea. some of it's really sweet.


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA.I was born in Ireland and enjoy following your blog..xx

  3. I don't have any of their furniture as it's too modern for me,but I love the little rugs,kitchen stuff,fabric and candles.Enjoy your Ikea experience! :0)

  4. You are lucky to live far from Ikea I live too close it's an addictive place! We have all sorts of bits and bobs, Billy bookcases and desks in the children's rooms and my work room. But also photo frames, baskets, cork boards and cd towers to house my hubbys mammoth music collection! Stay away.

    Jo x

  5. I have to get on a 1.5 hour ferry ride,if it is on time, and then travel into the city to get to Ikea.. so I don't go often unless it is for another reason. Maybe that is a good thing? Who knows?

  6. I think I have at least three Ikea items in pretty much every room of the house! I am abit of a sucker for the that old blue and yellow giant. Though Mr. Bobbin fully advocates the purchase of such items I cannot entice him to come with me on my expeditions (he has some sort of allergic reaction to the place!!)

  7. I think I'm in love with the fields one!

  8. I love the fields cover - I could curl up under there!


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