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Since Christmas I have done very little crafting. I am busy at work and my brain is on over drive making decisions for the new house. So what have I started doing again- reading! You would think I could pick something more relaxing to wind down from a long day at work, but no I love a good read. I stopped reading girly books (you know the ones- troubles in love, affairs, etc) as I preferred books based on true stories. I am back to reading the girly books again as they are easier to read. What books are you reading? Can you recommend any nice ones to me. I am currently reading The Tea House on Mulberry Street which I am enjoying.


  1. Anything by Marian Keyes. Her latest, The Brightest Star in the Sky is lovely too.
    I made a little list of my faves.
    I Capture the Csstle, Dodie Smith. This is set in a delapidated castle and is brilliant. You must read it.
    Cold Comfort Farm or The Nightingale Wood, Stella Gibbons
    Playing With the Grown Ups, Sophie Dahl
    Innocence, Kathleen Tessaro. Kind of chick lit but great.
    The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, Eva Rice. This one is set in nineteen fifties England and is an easy read full of vintage lovliness.
    Phew, better stop there. Happy reading,

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  3. I love a good girly book! I've re-read the Sophie Kinsella books over and over again... so easy to just pick up and get back into when you're pushed for time! xxx

  4. I read blogs like your!!!! And self-help. I think the last two books I read and loved were. Pillars of the earth. By Ken follet and eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert. ( way before oprahs endorsement. P.s. Thank-you for the visit. .


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