The January Blues....

Just another of my interior design idea pages that I prepared last year, this one focuses on a bedroom with hues of blue. Blue reminds me of the sky, the lakes and the ocean here at home in Ireland. I love blue, especially baby blue. This bedroom has an airy feel with hues of blue from the sky, lakes and ocean. It takes a crisp white palette and adds hints of blue. This creates a truly calming and relaxing retreat which soothes and brings tranquility into your life. Enjoy!


 {All things nice...}


  1. Yes indeed.Blue is so calming.I love it teemed with white.So crisp,clean and restful...perfect for the bedroom.


  2. Via via, I hopped onto your lovely blog. I totally agree: Blue is Brilliant. It's the color of the awaiting.... waiting for.... spring? Sweet chocolate bars? Lazy hot summer nights? Anything....

    Have a happy tuesday,


  3. beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see a blue sky again!! xxx

  4. Blue is brilliant and these pictures are just lovely!
    Have a great week!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I love your blue interior design page. The way you put the Blue & white look wonderful together! :)

    Your blog is lovely and I will definitely stop by again. I just love the
    cottage feel!! :)



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