2013: Review

January: The start of the year and my wee home was featured in IKEA Live Magazine
February: This was quite on the blogging front but it was our first Valentines as a married couple which was exciting.
March: I had a nice break from work for Easter and was happy that the days were now much longer and I could get out and about on the farm and pick some lovely wild flowers.
April: I spent quite a while in April deciding on fabrics for my guest bedroom but made a good choice in the end.
May: The weather was nice in May and we spent a lovely day in the Phoenix Park in Dublin which was enjoyable.
June: More trips, I visited Derry City for the first time with my parents, it really is lovely place with great architecture.

July: How could we forget the wonderful weather we had, we went for a weekend to Avoca, visited Glendalough and Powerscourt House and Gardens in County Wicklow and really enjoyed the beautiful weather.
August: Afternoon tea in Castle Leslie  was the highlight of August. This was a gift from my sister in law. Some more interiors were tackled in the house- we eventually did some work on our guest bedroom and just had to wait for the blinds to be finished.
September: More time spent on interiors and getting use to the shorter days drawing in.
October: Autumn time was setting in and I took some lovely walks in the countryside which inspired me to post some lovely autumnal interior posts.
November: The nights were really drawing in and there wasn't as much work on the farm in the evenings so I read a lot and posted some wishlist posts.

December: It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home. I had friends visit and enjoyed my time off from work with family.
 So here's to 2013 and I'm off to get ready for visitors coming for the New Year Celebrations later tonight!


  1. Hi All Things Nice,

    awww! That is a lovely Review of your year.

    Please help! How do I get my photograph likes yours e.g. side by side or in fours etc.

    See my blog - I can only get them on top of each other!!!!

    Thank you :-)

  2. I love your blog


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