My new home...

Here is an image of my new home... hopefully we will get the outside completed within the next year. Do you have an image of your home?


  1. Oh that is lovely, and I checked out Pinterest, just lovely. We are our home a year and we are doing it bit by bit. Its hard work! But fun. Enjoy!

  2. Your home is positively beautiful! I remember so long ago when you first started to speak of building turned out much better than you imagined I'm sure! I wish you much happiness and love in your new home xo

  3. Congratulations on your new house! I can imagine how excited you are to revamp and redecorate your property. Nothing beats the feeling of putting some personal touch on your property. Have you decided on the exterior color? I suggest you keep the white paint. You can never go wrong with a white house!

  4. Even from afar, I knew that your house looks lovely and adorable! And the trees and lush surroundings make it look more attractive. It looks like one of those houses you see in postcards. The idyllic location and the green ambiance give the house an attractive country vibe.


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