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Hello everyone. I have been really busy with work and the new home. Last weekend I had a wedding and party to attend. We are still painting away in the new home, looks like it is never ending. The good news is, I now have the wood burning stove installed and have yet to see it though. I will take a trip up there today and take some photographs to share with you. I have been thinking about my kitchen which is ordered now and I really want some oilcloth for the kitchen table. So here are a few of Cath Kidston oilcloths which I love
{All images from Cath Kidston}


  1. Love them too! Infact I'm off to the CK shop tomorrow to spend my vouchers I was given at Xmas!!..and birthday.Can't wait to see your wood burner. :0)

  2. Oo, just gorgeous. I am looking forward to hearing more progress reports from you. The burner sounds great.
    Your doors sound similar to mine. We need door handles and some wax for the doors. We need skirting boards too, but when they are in I think we can move in too. Woo! x


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