Went to town today with my boyfriend and had a nice dinner too in one of the hotels. Bought another treat for me :) This beautiful Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Collection Rose hand soap in floral wire dish - So pretty and for just €3.00, I couldn't leave it behind. Check out more lovely on their website Heathcote & Ivory


  1. Don't you love these little treats!!! and a nice lunch what a day.

  2. Hello 'all things nice'
    How could you resist that beautifully packaged soap.
    I also love robins, at first glance he looks like he's floating on fluffy clouds!

  3. A very nice little treat! I love their products nicely packaged. :0)

  4. I love it! What a fun treat for yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always fun to find a new place to visit. I love you blog and, like you, I LOVE Cath and Amy Butler- two of my favorites!



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